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Steven Universe - Giant Woman (chiptune cover)

(track art by merrigo)

I loved rebeccasugar's song from this weeks Steven Universe so I did a cute little bossa cover!

I’ll put it up on my youtube channel later this week, with a download link!

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words cannot describe the appreciation i have for the person who put this together

i want to be raven baxter ok

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axolotl confirmed for raddest aquatic creature




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yuzuki3: please dont use the word crazy. its ableist. please dont try to deny it, and if you do, at least give a decent argument as to why its not.


often times when people say crazy they are implying the person is being irrational, unreasonable, unpredictable, or otherwise not sound. it doesnt bring into question the intelligence or mental faculties of the individual its geared at—a good handful of people whom society regards as geniuses are also arguably crazy. etc etc etc

meanwhile what was the point in sending me this message you crazy bitch