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*protestation intensifies*

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16 year old child: mom, dad: I'm gay/lesbian/bi/pan
Straight parents: you're too young to know what your sexuality is! It's just a phase.
Baby boy: *stares at a baby girl for no reason other than the fact that babies stare at everything*
Straight parents: oooh! Ladies man! We're gonna have to keep the girls offa you!



とっておきの『Vintage Fancy Sweater ༘♡』コレクション記事かきました、


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Oh my god youre straight? I had no idea. You seem normal to me. Did you know that Sara is straight too? You two should totally hook up. I cant believe youre straight. You could be my straight best friend. We could go to football games together. Itll be so much fun. So like how long have you been straight? Your whole life!? No way.

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accidentally made a coyote skull to summon a 90s glitter gel pen demon 


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"   We are not your punchline. We are not your punishment.

I’m going to say that again. Queer people? We do not exist to provide punchlines in straight people’s stories. We do not exist to punish straight people for the error of their ways. Life is not a fairy tale, and we are not supporting characters in someone else’s morality play.

I don’t hope that Mugabe has a queer kid. I don’t hope that the WBCers do- although it’s highly unlikely that all of their kids will grow up cis and het. For their sakes, I hope that they do.

I don’t want queer kids to be born into families that hate them, so that they can do the work of converting their families to our cause. I want queer kids to be born and raised by families who love and cherish them for exactly who they are. I want the to grow up knowing that whatever the rest of the world will throw at them for being queer- and it will- they always have somewhere safe to come home to.   "
I Hope Their Kid Is Gay | Consider the Tea Cosy (via brutereason)

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